Interview: MagdaLena Niewelt

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MagdaLena Niewelt is Polish attorney, civil and intellectual property law specialist and author of the first (and only) polish book about fashion law: “Fashion Paragraphs”.
Speaker & participant in international fashion law conferences such as Fashion Law Masterclass at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, London (2019), KTW Fashion Week, Katowice (2018), Fashion.Law.Realness Symposium, the Fashion Revolutions Symposium, Fashion Planet Symposium, Spectrum of Style Symposium at Fashion Law Institute, NYC (2014-2019), Fashion Law and Innovation Conference at Sorbonne, Paris (2018), 58thCongressUnion Internationale des Avocats Protecting Creativity: The Law of Art, Fashion and Design, Florence (2014).
MagdaLena Niewelt has been awarded by INFLAA as the ‘’Most Influential Lawyer in Poland 2019.’’

1) As we all know, the pandemic affected all industries. We, as the INFLAA, could not organize our annual summit last year due to the pandemic. The last time we met each other was in 2019 at the Fashion Law and Business Summit in Istanbul. At this summit, you shared the current state of fashion law in your country with us. What has changed since then? What are the latest developments in fashion law in your country?

In Poland, nothing has changed in the fashion law, because we have no fashion law as an official legal field. We rely on a combination of civil law, intellectual property law and copyright law. However, the legal awareness of people who work in the fashion industry is changing. The pandemic made a lot of people support and promote each other. People began to pay great attention to the origin of the product and the composition of the fabrics.

I published the Code of Ethics for the Fashion Industry in Poland, which was very well received, and even the Polish VOGUE wrote about the Code. Such regulations are needed.

2) As INFLAA, one of our aims is to create a common ground in order for fashion law to become an internationally known field. What do you think is crucial to create that common ground and eventually to make fashion law a world-widely known field?

This is a very good question. I would like to publish a book with you. It does not have to be paper, it can be an e-book, but I believe that by creating an international publication, written in very simple language, we can reach many and make the law of fashion known all around the world. I even have an idea for it 🙂


 3. What do you think is waiting for us in the future of fashion law?

In my opinion, even greater growth of the e-commerce department. Perhaps this is due to the creation of some separate provisions, because the law on distance selling to consumers and entrepreneurs may not be enough.

4. Which fashion law case has influenced you the most, so far?

The case about the red sole was the biggest influence for everyone. This case has opened people’s eyes to what is protected. This case also showed that industrial property surrounds them. For me, the most important thing now is the advertising of various products and sharing them on social media. Not everyone wants to be associated with a particular brand, such as the Ferrari vs Plein case. This is where the legal regulations of social media come into play. For example, the case with Volvo and a photo session shared on Instagram. These are the most interesting things of the present day.

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